About Us

About Us

Omsons Glassware Pvt. Ltd. was established in May 1983. We began with manufacturing of Laboratory Glassware, Thermometers and Hydrometers.

Our calibration laboratory is NABL accredited. The calibration is essentially done under ISO/IEC 17025:2005, with a certificate issued by an NABL accredited laboratory. All volumetric glassware are calibrated as per DIN, EN, ISO, IS and ASTM (USP) Standards.

Through an advanced infrastructure in an area of 24800 square meters, and our reliable network of more than 450 dealers throughout the globe, we cater in more than 24 countries. We have grown to be the largest pioneering company and a trusted market leader in this field.

Laboratory glassware encompasses a diverse array of equipment essential for scientific experimentation, analysis, and research across various disciplines such as chemistry, biology, and physics. From beakers and test tubes to flasks and pipettes, each piece serves a specific function, aiding scientists in tasks like mixing, heating, measuring, and containing substances.

Borosilicate glass, renowned for its thermal resistance and chemical inertness, is commonly used due to its durability and suitability for a wide range of applications. Graduated markings on many pieces allow precise measurement of liquids, crucial for accurate experimentation and analysis. Additionally, specialized glassware like condensers, burettes, and petri dishes cater to specific scientific needs.

Laboratory glassware undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure accuracy, safety, and reliability in scientific endeavors. Proper handling and care are essential to maintain the integrity and functionality of these instruments, contributing to the accuracy and reproducibility of scientific results. Overall, laboratory glassware is indispensable in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation in the scientific community.