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Best Laboratory Instrument Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Omsons Glassware Pvt Limited is a prominent industry in the Indian market for laboratory instruments. We are known for our dedication to excellence, novelty, and client fulfillment. With a strong presence in the industry, our firm has a broad range of equipment and solutions that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of labs in the biotechnology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, academic, food and beverage, government, and research sectors.

Why Do We Need Laboratory Instruments?

Laboratory instruments are the backbone of scientific research, testing, and analysis. From basic tools like test tubes, volumetric flasks, cylinders and beakers to sophisticated equipment such as crude fiber estimation and heating mantles these products enable professionals to conduct experiments, analyze samples, and make important discoveries.

Types of Laboratory Instruments

The market for laboratory instrumentation is broad and includes a wide range of items to meet different needs and requirements for research. Here we will discuss the main categories of laboratory products including analytical instruments, measuring and testing instruments, and preparatory instruments.

1. Analytical Instruments

Analytical equipment are essential tools for researchers and scientists enabling them to identify, quantify, and characterize various substances and materials. This category includes numerous instruments which are widely used in fields like chemistry, biochemistry, and materials science to conduct advanced analyses and studies.

2. Measuring and Testing Instruments

Measuring and testing equipment is essential to guarantee the precision, dependability, and uniformity of laboratory procedures and data gathering. Balances, pH meters, and thermometers are examples of instruments in this group that are used in a variety of applications ranging from quality control testing to environmental monitoring to precisely measure and monitor physical and chemical characteristics.

3. Preparatory Instruments

Preparatory instruments play an important role in the sample preparation and processing stages of laboratory work. Incubators, fume hoods, and centrifuges are examples of equipment in this category that is used to isolate, culture, and separate samples in addition to providing controlled settings for a range of analytical and experimental processes. These tools are necessary to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of laboratory results.

Advantages of Laboratory Instruments

In many different fields, laboratory instruments are essential for progressing scientific research and development, guaranteeing the quality and safety of products through extensive testing, and supporting efficient programs for teaching and training. Here we listed out the most common use of lab products:

  1. Lab equipment provides precise and accurate measurements.
  2. They handle hazardous materials or conditions keeping scientists safe.
  3. They ensure the quality and reliability of research data.
  4. They can perform tasks automatically, reducing human error.

List of Laboratory Instruments We Offer

1. Universal Combined Kjeldahl Digestion & Distillation Units

The Universal Combined Kjeldahl Digestion & Distillation Units are advanced equipment found in labs. It includes a single, mild steel tube stand with two shelves arranged one above the other. They are used to complete the Kjeldahl method, a widely used technique for determining the nitrogen content in organic compounds digestion and distillation phases in a single unit.

2. Kjeldahl Digestion Units Without Flasks

Kjeldahl Digestion Units without flasks are necessary instruments in laboratories. It is designed to perform the digestion stage of the Kjeldahl method without the use of traditional round-bottom flasks. They make reliable results easier to achieve for scientists and researchers and are appropriate for a wide range of applications.

3. Kjeldahl Digestion Units

Kjeldahl Digestion Units are specialized equipment used in laboratories for accurately determining nitrogen content in different samples with applications ranging from food analysis to environmental monitoring and pharmaceutical quality control. They contribute significantly to the improvement of scientific research, environmental health, and product quality. They also offer insightful information about the composition of substances.

4. Soxhlet Extraction Heating Units

Soxhlet Extraction Heating Units play a pivotal role in labs. It is composed of a small mild steel box section holding heating mantles that are supported by a glass yarn net and have a coiled element. The even distribution of heat and tight contact with the flask surface are guaranteed by these flexible pieces. To secure glass apparatus the enclosure comprises two horizontal and two vertical rods with clamps. An energy regulator and an indicator bulb are included with every heating mantle. minus the glass components.

5. Crude Fiber Estimation

Crude Fiber Estimation is a scientific instrument used in laboratories to determine the amount of fiber in food and feed samples. This is a simple method of calculating the roughage content which takes cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin into account. It helps food manufacturers ensure product quality and nutritional labeling accuracy, and it aids nutritionists and dietitians in assessing dietary fiber intake and planning balanced diets.

6. Heating Mantles, Analogue, Microprocessor Based

Heating mantles are special tools that are used in laboratories to quickly and evenly warm up round bottom flasks. They can heat things up to high temperatures. These mantles are made of rolled aluminum that wraps around the bottom and sides of the flask. Inside, there’s a flexible, insulated heating element secured in glass fabric. An electronic controller manages how fast things heat up. They come in 100 to 5000mL mantle capacity. Additionally, spill protection is used in heating mantle analogue microprocessors to avoid accidents with liquid spills and harm to people.

7. Heating Mantles, Analogue, Microprocessor Based with Stirrer

Heating Mantles Analogue Microprocessor based with stirrer employed to stir and heat liquid solutions in flasks with rounded bottoms at the same time. It has a heating element inside that warms up when turned on. This heat is evenly distributed across the surface of the mantle providing consistent heating to the glassware or containers placed on top. The outer body is made up of powder coated rolled aluminum. Furthermore, spill protection in a heating mantle is deployed to prevent accidents and damage caused by liquids spilling over. They range in mantle capacity from 100 to 5000 ml.

8. Heating Mantles, Digital, Microprocessor Based

Heating Mantles digital microprocessor based designed to heat up containers like beakers or flasks very precisely. Their digital controls provide exact temperature setting without the need for conventional knobs or switches. The Heating Mantle’s body is made up of Aluminium and stainless Steel.  A spill protection system is used in heating mantles to prevent injuries caused by liquid spills. In addition they are available in various sizes, with or without controllers, and can be constructed from solid materials. 

9. Heating Mantles, Digital, Microprocessor Based with Stirrer

Heating Mantles digital microprocessors based with stirrers are advanced laboratory instruments used to accurately control the temperature and agitation of material. These are like specialized heating jackets that snugly wrap around lab glassware such as flasks or beakers. Users can now set and monitor temperatures digitally enabling accurate temperature adjustment. Minimizing variations, the microprocessor makes sure that the target temperature is maintained consistently. The spill protection employed in heating mantles to prevent mishaps involving liquid spills and harm to.

10. Heating Mantles, Analogue, Microprocessor Based with Three Mantles

Heating Mantles Analogue Microprocessor based with three mantles are unique equipment employed in laboratories to heat numerous objects simultaneously. They wrap around the bottom and sides of the glassware and warm up whatever’s inside. The heating mantle body is made of Aluminium and Stainless Steel. To set the temperature the device has knobs or switches. Moreover, it also has a microprocessor that ensures everything heats up evenly and maintains a constant temperature. To avoid liquid spillage accidents and damage the spill protection used in heating mantles analogue microprocessor based with three mantles.

11. Spare Mantles with Heaters for Replacement

Spare mantles with heaters for replacement function similarly to spare components for heaters or lamps. These parts consist of a unique substance or cloth with an integrated heater. You can use one of these spare parts to replace the original part in your lamp or heater when it wears out or breaks.

12. Hot Plate with Stirrer

Hot plate with Stirrer is  also known as a hotplate stirrer or magnetic stirrer.  It is an ideal instrument used in labs for heating and mixing liquids  at the same time. They consist of a flat heating surface that can be heated to a desired temperature to control the level of heat produced. This is a simple yet powerful piece of equipment that streamlines many laboratory tasks.

13. Vortex Mixer

Vortex Mixer is used in laboratories for mixing small vials or tubes of solutions. It is made up of an electric motor positioned somewhat off-center, with the drive shaft orientated vertically and connected to a cupped rubber component. The rubber piece rapidly oscillates in a circular motion while the motor operates. A vortex is formed when a test tube or other suitable container is forced into the rubber cup or touched to its edge, transferring motion to the liquid within.

14. Water Bath

A laboratory Water Bath is a heated water-filled container used to maintain a consistent temperature for samples placed within. It is usually made up of  a stainless steel or plastic tank with a heating element and temperature control system. Water baths are commonly used for incubating cultures of microorganisms or cells at a constant temperature, providing an ideal growth environment.

15. Stirrers

Laboratory Stirrer is a simple but useful tool that was created to mix liquids or solutions efficiently and uniformly. Usually, it consists of a magnetic stir plate underneath and a magnetic stir bar inside the vessel holding the liquid. By spinning the magnetic stir bar, the stir plate induces the magnetic stir bar to spin, mixing the liquid.

16. Hot Plate Digital Microprocessor Based

Hot Plate Digital Microprocessor Based is a precise and adaptable heating equipment built to withstand the demands of daily laboratory use. This crucial tool, which is outfitted with cutting-edge digital microprocessor technology is easy to use even for non-technical users, because of its user-friendly interface. It provides precise temperature control and stirring capabilities making it ideal for a variety of scientific applications and investigations.

17. Hot Plate Analog Microprocessor Based

Hot Plate Analog Microprocessor based is equipped with advanced microprocessor technology. It is a versatile appliance used in labs to heat and stir liquid with precision and control in scientific research and experimentation. Hot Plate Analog  Microprocessor Based consists of a flat, heated surface (the hot plate) and a magnetic stirrer, allowing researchers to heat liquids evenly while stirring them simultaneously. It is easy to use Even for people with little technological experience. Moreover, it can be simple and easy to adjust the temperature and stirring speed.

18. Overhead Stirrer

Overhead stirrers are also known as mechanical stirrers, flange mounted vertical stirrers. It is an ideal lab tool for combining huge amounts or highly viscous materials—which a magnetic stirrer cannot handle. It is made of a stand with a motor fixed to the top of it. A number of switch settings enable the motor to run and create a vortex in the liquid.

19. Oven

The laboratory oven is a specialized device capable of generating and maintaining precise temperatures inside an enclosed chamber. In laboratories, ovens are used for many tasks such as drying glassware, heating, preparing samples, sterilizing, or conducting experiments.With the use of lab ovens, researchers can precisely set and maintain desired temperature levels. For experiments that need exact heating settings this control is crucial.

20. Magnetic Stirrer

A magnetic stirrer is also called a magnetic mixer. Usually, it comprises a magnetic stir plate underneath the vessel holding the liquid and a small magnetic bar (also referred to as a “flea” or “stir bar”) inserted inside the liquid to be stirred. It is used in labs to mix or stir liquids or solutions. 

Characteristics of Our Laboratory Instruments

  1. The apparatus is made of premium seamless stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and water.
  2. The lab equipment is highly accurate and consistent.
  3. To provide protection against water and chemicals all lab instruments are coated with a finely divided powder that is structured.
  4. All of our lab equipment has overload protection, which reduces the possibility of a malfunction brought on by unexpected power outages, overheating, etc.

Characteristics of Our Laboratory Instruments

  1. Reliability: Omsons Glassware Pvt Limited equipment are renowned for their dependability, precision, and robustness, making them appropriate for an extensive array of laboratory uses.
  2. Quality Assurance: Maintaining the highest standards of quality is a top priority of our company. We ensure that our lab products meet the stringent standards,  delivering consistent performance and reliable results. 
  3. Assessing Product Range: Omsons Glassware Pvt Limited offers a wide range of laboratory instruments such as Water Bath, Stirrers, Hot Plate with Stirrer, Vortex Mixer, Crude Fiber Estimation, Kjeldahl Digestion Units, and many more to the diverse needs of labs for research, analysis, and specialized applications. 
  4. On-time Delivery: We put a high priority on prompt product delivery, making sure you have your equipment when you need it and causing the least amount of inconvenience to the operation you run.
  5. Modifications Option: In order to ensure optimal functionality, we provide customization support to fit equipment to your unique needs and preferences.
  6. Customer Support: Omsons Glassware Pvt Limited offers top-notch service to its clients. Our team of professionals is available to answer any questions or concerns. Through providing all-encompassing assistance, our company aims to establish long-lasting relationships of trust and satisfaction with its clients.
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FAQ about Laboratory Glassware

Laboratory instrument is essentially a specialized tool used in scientific research, analysis, and experimentation within a lab setting. These equipment are designed to perform various functions with high precision and accuracy. They cover a wide range of disciplines including chemistry, biology, physics, medicine, and environmental science.

Omsons Glassware Pvt Limited is a leading supplier of lab equipment because we have top-notch facilities for producing lab equipment and a huge distributor network to quickly meet customer demands.

We have been manufacturing laboratory instruments for almost four decades. We have all the necessary financial and technical resources to complete large orders. 

Yes, we  create personalized products. If you would need a customized laboratory instrument, please contact us at or fill out our inquiry form with a brief description of your needs. 

We supply our laboratory products throughout 28 states and union territories of India

Laboratory equipment should be maintained on a regular basis to increase longevity, boost performance, and avert expensive malfunctions. You can make sure that the lab instrument maintenance procedures in your facility are optimized for optimal performance and dependability by maintaining your equipment through regular inspections, adjustments, and replacement of worn parts.

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