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Omsons Glassware Pvt. Ltd. was established in May 1983. We began with manufacturing of Laboratory Glassware, Thermometers and Hydrometers.

Our calibration laboratory is NABL accredited. The calibration is essentially done under ISO/IEC 17025:2005, with a certificate issued by an NABL accredited laboratory. All volumetric glassware are calibrated as per DIN, EN, ISO, IS and ASTM (USP) Standards.

Through an advanced infrastructure in an area of 24800 square meters, and our reliable network of more than 450 dealers throughout the globe, we cater in more than 24 countries. We have grown to be the largest pioneering company and a trusted market leader in this field.

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All Volumetric Glassware calibrated as per

Types of Certificates we provide

Volumetric instruments that comply with the requirements of applicable standards (e.g. the weights and measures regulation) are labelled accordingly with “DE-M” The “DM 21” mark is made up of the elements DE (which stands for “Deutschland”), M (which stands for “Metrology” (metrology), and the year number 21 (2021), the year in which the measuring instrument was labelled.

Volumetric flasks, Measuring Cylinders, Pipettes, Burettes with a batch number and accuracy Class A are supplied with a batch certificate. This certificate documents the mean value obtained from measuring the batch in question, the standard deviation and the date of issue.

Volumetric flasks, Measuring Cylinders, Pipettes, Burettes which are numbered individually, are supplied with an individual certificate. The individual number is permanently printed onto the Volumetric flask, Measuring Cylinder, Pipettes, Burettes and is entered on the corresponding certificate.

Volumetric Flasks, Measuring Cylinders, Pipettes, Burettes, Hydrometers, Thermometers which are numbered individually, are supplied with an NABL : ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 certificate. The individual number is permanently printed onto the Volumetric flask, Measuring Cylinder, Pipettes, Burettes, Hydrometers, Thermometers and is entered on
the corresponding certificate.

Certificate of Compliance is issued with Beakers, Conical Flasks and Reagent Bottles to certify their compliance with the respective standards. This certificate is provided with each and every piece.

Our Quality Assurance Process

OMSONS makes all its products from ASTM E-438 TYPE 1 CLASS-A BORO 3.3 Glass tubing.

OMSONS uses automatic & semi-automatic machines to manufacture its products in compliance with international standards.

Dimensional checks are performed by our QC Department in accordance with international standard.
Every single piece produced by OMSONS is essentially checked for the wall thickness to regulate the strength & ensure adherence to DIN/ASTM/ISO standards.

Each piece manufactured by OMSONS is checked for the stress which might cause the cracking of the glass.

The joints are tested for their fitness as per the inclination of cones and sockets to ensure highest level fitness and avoid leaks. Vacuum tests are performed subsequent to the fitness checks.

The Glassware is checked for the print quality at two stages. Firstly,
before putting the product in the furnace and secondly, after taking out of furnace to ensure elimination of products with defective printing. Print tests are carried out as per ISO 4794 to ensure that enamel does not rub-off even after multiple usages.

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